CSN & CTY Professional Options

Last Updated: Winter 2021


Course Code Course Name Program Availability
CPO500 Red Hat Academy Exam Preparation CSN & CTY
CPO520 Cisco Certification Preparation CSN & CTY
CYT145 IT Security: Ethical and Legal Issues CSN & CTY
CYT160 Security for Cloud and Internet of Things CSN & CTY
IPC144 Introduction to Programming Using C CSN & CTY
MST300 Microsoft Network Infrastructure CSN & CTY
OPS400 AS/400 Operations CSN & CTY
PMC115 IT Project Mgmt. Fundamentals, Tools & Techniques CSN & CTY
SPO600 Software Portability and Optimization CSN & CTY
SRT211 Secure Scripting CSN & CTY
TEC701 Technical Support for Network Administrators CSN & CTY
TEC702 Technician as an Entrepreneur CSN & CTY
WIN500 Windows Server Scripting CSN & CTY
WIN700 Windows Active Directory Services CSN & CTY