PMC - Project Management - Information Technology

Program Information: 
Program Code: PMC
Credential Awarded: Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Campus: Seneca Newnham
Duration: 2 Semesters (8 Months)
Start Dates: Fall, Winter *Start Dates are subject to change

Entry to the program requires a 2 or 3-year diploma or a degree in business, electronics, liberal arts, software development or IT administration (a degree or diploma in business or liberal arts requires 2 years IT related work experience as well).

There are two intakes each year - September(Fall) and January(Winter).

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Project management methodologies and techniques have evolved from the traditional waterfall methodology through incremental and iterative development to agile methodologies. What distinguishes the Project Management - IT graduate certificates is that it gives you grounding in all of these methodologies as they are currently being practiced in the IT industry and an understanding of when each is most appropriate to follow.

Learn to manage the scope, cost, timing and quality of an IT project and at all times stay focused on a projects success as defined by project stakeholders.

What You'll Learn
  • IT Project Management Fundamentals
  • Business Systems Environments
  • Fundamentals of Systems Development
  • Project Leadership
  • Business Finance
  • Advanced IT Project Management
  • Project Management Communication Skills
  • Contract Law, Ethics and IT Professionalism
  • IT Project Management Case Studies
  • Quality Assurance and Testing in IT projects
  • Applied IT Project Management

The Project Management Institute (PMI®) has designated Seneca as a Global Registered Educational Provider. The courses within Seneca's Project Management - Information Technology Curriculum will provide you with the requisite theory and PDUs (Professional Development Units) to write these PMI® credential exams: the Certified Associate in Project Management Professional (CAPM®), the Project Management Professional (PMP®), and the new PMI Agile Certified Pracitioner (PMI-ACPSM).

Your Career

This program provides you with the knowledge in a variety of Project Management methodologies (traditional waterfall, incremental, iterative, agile) that are currently being practiced in the IT industry. You'll gain a solid understanding of which methodology is most appropriate to use for any given Information Technology project.

As a graduate of the Project Management - IT program, you'll work in a variety of positions related to the management of IT projects, such as Assistant Project Manager, Analyst, Project Co-ordinator and Project Manager.


Program Coordinator:

Mehdi Akbari (416) 491-5050 Ext. 24097

Mark Buchner (416) 491-5050 Ext. 33678


Student Adviser:

Kristin Keogh


(416) 491-5050 Ext. 33065





(416) 493-4144 Ext. N/A


International Admissions:



(416) 493-4144 Ext. N/A