CTY - Work-Integrated Learning


Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) can be a valuable experience for students in the CTY program. Helping students gain important work experience in their field of choice for more than 30 years, the WIL program at Seneca allows you to alternate academic and paid work semesters after semester three or four.

Our industry partners are committed to providing meaningful work assignments for WIL students. You could gain up to 8 months of paid employment experience before graduating. You may apply to transfer to the WIL program in your second, third or fourth semester by completing an online information session and form. You will be emailed the application information the week after study week. A message will be posted on the ITAS website once the application email has been sent out. To be eligible you must have completed all of the first and second semester required courses by the end of the semester in which you apply, and have an above average academic record.

If accepted, students in the WIL option will take WTP100 (Work Term Preparation) in the semester preceding their first WIL work–term.

For further information about the WIL program, please refer to www.senecacollege.ca/wil.


If you have further questions you may contact the WIL program coordinator listed below.

WIL Coordinator

Zoe Zhu