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Curriculum Map

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Semester 1 Subject Name Hrs/Wk
CYT100 Information Security Principles and Policies 4
CYT115 Security Architecture; OS, Mobile and Network 4
CYT130 Ethical Hacking and Vulnerability Testing -
CYT145 IT Security: Ethical and Legal Issues 3
CYT160 Security for Cloud and Internet of Things 3
CYT175 Data Analytics 4


Semester 2 Subject Name Hrs/Wk
CYT200 Communication Skills for Cybersecurity Professionals -
CYT215 IT Security Forensics 4
CYT230 Mobile Application Security Assessment 4
CYT245 Threat Intelligence 4
CYT260 Project Management 1
CYT275 Authentication and Access Control 2
CYT300 IT Security Capstone Project 4
CYT441 Cybersec Threat Mgmt Work Term 4