School of ITAS Degree Program

The School of ITAS offers one baccalaureate degree program:

  • Honours Bachelor of Technology (Informatics and Security)

All are challenging four-year programs, blending theory and application in the curriculum. All include co-op work term placements.


Honours Bachelor of Technology (Informatics and Security)

This program is designed to provide you with the critical knowledge and practical skills required for a successful career in information systems and security.

More information is on the Informatics and Security program page.


Overview of our degree programs

The School of ICT degree programs are designed as full-time and day-school programs, with an attendance-required classroom-delivery mode. Classes can be scheduled any time in a Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 7:00pm block. 

As a result, the programs' courses are not available in a "distance education" format. Also, they are not currently available through the School of Continuing Education's evening and weekend offerings.


Can I be a part-time student?

If your personal situation suggests that you cannot enrol in the typical five courses per academic term course load, then it is possible to enrol in fewer courses per term. This requires careful planning, because some courses are offered in the fall-term only, while others are offered only in the winter term. Prerequisites also play an important role, with course sequencing. The curriculum plan has the details, and your program coordinator can provide advice for those who are considering this scenario. 

Part time student, while working full time

While it is possible to attempt a small number of classes each semester, we do not encourage that for those who work full time during the day. Why? The timetable challenges are significant, because most classes are scheduled twice per week, in a two-hour/period block (which could be scheduled any time between 8:00am and 7:00pm). If, for example, a student attempts two classes in an academic term, it is possible that they would be scheduled on four separate days, at different times on each day. Next, due to the attendance requirement, employer accommodation and agreement is required to cover the workplace absences during the daytime. Overall, it's a significant challenge.


Can I be in a program while working full time?

No. It really is not practical to work full time and be in a program. They are challenging programs, with significant workloads, and in-class attendance is required. 

As a result, if a person intends to work full-time (at a daytime job) and be a student in a program, then our programs are not a good match for that scenario. As an alternative, other degree-level technology programs at Toronto-area universities offer evening or weekend courses, while other institutions offer online courses (for example, Athabasca University). Both support the needs of full time workers in a better manner.



These programs are offered with the consent of the Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development, in the Province of Ontario. (In June 2016, the Government of Ontario renamed the former Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities to this new name.) 

Each program undergoes a rigourous assessment for quality assurance every five to seven years, by a panel of independent subject matter experts. The panel reports the findings to the Minister.

  • More information about the Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board is at this link
  • More information about the quality-assurance process is at this link

A graduate earns a Baccalaureate/Bachelor's Degree: Honours degree, as defined by the Ontario Qualifications Framework. The degree names are Honours Bachelor of Technology (Informatics and Security), and Honours Bachelor of Technology (Software Development)

  • More information on the Ontario Qualifications Framework is at this link; questions and answers are at this link
  • More information about the Baccalaureate/Bachelor's Degree: Honours is at this link