School of ICT Faculty & Staff List

Newnham campus office numbers begin with A or B.
Seneca @ York campus office numbers begin with S or DB.


Name (L,F) Responsibility Office Number
Burton, Eden Program Coordinator - DAD, PMC A3058
Delpisheh, Elnaz DSA Coordinator A3058
Fracassa, Samantha Work-Integrated Learning Co-ordinator - Seneca@York (BSD, IFS) A3058
Kubba, Nagham Program Coordinator - CNS, CTY A3058
Letterio, Bill Program Coordinator – BTM A3058
McIntyre, Peter Program Coordinator - BSD A3058
Paracha, Asma Program Coordinator - IFS A3058
Piergeti, Elizabeth Work-Integrated Learning Co-ordinator - CTYC, PMCC A3058
Saith, Mary Work-Integrated Learning Co-ordinator - Seneca@York (CPA, CPD) A3058
Tipson, Ian Program Coordinator - CPD, CPA A3058


Name (L,F) Responsibility Office Number
Baker, Brenda Academic Support Officer A3002
Brangman, Betrice Program Advisor - CPD, CPA A3058H
Colesberry, Joel Program Advisor - BSD, IFS, BTM, DAD, PMC, BAN, FNT A3058L
Davis, Jessica Secretary, Student & Faculty Support A3058
Richard, Debbie Clerk - Faculty & Administrative Support A3058