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Why Choose Seneca ?

Seneca's School of Information Technology Administration & Security

Offering the largest number of computer studies programs in the province, Seneca's School ofInformation Technology Administration & Security is a recognized leader in developing and delivering programs that are relevant to the computer industry's evolving needs. The curriculum is reviewed annually by information technology professionals, and is updated to reflect current requirements.

Students will be attending the Seneca Newnham campus, a state-of-the-art campus where staff, faculty, and student advisor's are committed to student success.


  • Degree, Diploma or Graduate Certificate program
  • Diploma to Degree transfer opportunities
  • Faculty with industry expertise
  • Modern, continually evolving curriculum
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Paid co-op work placements in most programs
  • Excellent reputation with employers
  • High grad placement rates
Academic Programs Offered by School of Information Technology Administration & Security
Bachelor Degree Programs
Informatics and Security (IFS) - Work-Integrated Learning (Co-op) Mandatory

Security is the number one concern in IT infrastructure management. This 4-year bachelor's degree programs develops critical knowledge and practical skills required for careers in IT administration focusing on cyber-security, privacy and the protection of data. Graduates are prepared to take leadership (including management) roles early in their career.

Students in the program gain both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical experience working on a variety of hardware/software platforms. They also develop expertise in operating systems, system administration, network management, data communications and database technology.

Diploma Programs

Computer Systems Technician (CSN)

Formerly the CNS - Computer Networking and Technical Support (CNS) program

This two-year Computer Systems Technician diploma program offers you the skills and knowledge needed to meet the challenges of the ever-changing field of information technology administration. In Seneca’s modern labs, you will enhance your abilities by completing practical, hands-on training in networking, operating systems, security and cloud computing. Your studies will teach you to design and implement wireless, local/wide area and software-defined networks; how to work with and configure open source and proprietary operating systems; and how to work on premises and in the cloud taking you into the future of IT administration.

Computer Systems Technology (CTY) - Co-op Option

This 3 year advanced diploma builds upon the same foundation as the Computer Networking and Technical Support program. The extra Year in the program provides students with more depth in networking, security and IT's place within the organization and also gives them the opportunity to choose topic areas for specialization through a number a professional options.

Graduate Certificate Programs

Project Management - Information Technology (PMC) - Co-op Option

Designed for those with a degree or diploma and exposure to IT, this 1 year graduate certificate gives students a grounding in all project management methodologies and techniques being practiced in the IT industry. Whether developing software or managing an IT infrastructure, project management is used to ensure projects are successfully delivered.

The program covers Project Management, Project Leadership, Accounting and Finance, Agile Methodology, Systems Development, Quality Assurance and Contract/Law/Ethics/Professionalism.

Cybersecurity and Threat Management (CYT) - Optional Co-op

With a shortage of cybersecurity professionals across Canada, this program was designed and developed with leading financial services organizations to meet the need for individuals with the specialized skills to secure, protect and defend mobile and network infrastructures, preventing fraud, data breaches and other vulnerabilities. As a graduate of this eight-month Cybersecurity and Threat Management program, you will be equipped with cutting-edge best practices and skills in communication, information security, project management, problem-solving and more. The industry capstone project and optional work term will give you hands-on experience and position you for a career in one of the world’s fastest-growing fields.