Exam Policy and Guide

This document has policy information on final exams, and exam-related guidance. It includes these sections:


The Purpose of Exams

An exam is a formal evaluation of the knowledge that a student has at the end of the course. Passing the final exam allows the professor to know that the students have gained the necessary knowledge to continue to the next stage of their learning, be it formal (more classes) or informal (coop or career).


Exam Schedule

It is your responsibility to record the dates and times of your exams, as published in the Student Center app. Please continue to check the schedule as sometimes there are last minute changes. If you have an exam conflict, where you have two exams at the same time, please contact your Student Advisor immediately. They will make alternate arrangements for one of your exams for you.


Timing for your Exams

  1. It is essential that you arrive early for your exam. Give yourself extra travel time.
  2. Students are allowed to enter the exam for the first 30 minutes. Students that arrive late will not be given additional time.
  3. Students that arrive after the first 30 minutes should go directly to your program office to have the time and reason recorded. Valid reasons would include but are not limited to, a death in the family, illness or other situation beyond the students control. Documentation supporting the reason must be received by the Student Advisor within 3 business days of the exam. The student will be notified following the promotion meeting of the resolution.
  4. Students will be allowed to leave the examination room after the first 40 minutes of the exam.
  5. Students will be allowed to leave the examination room up until the last 15 minutes of the exam, at which point they will be asked to wait until the end of the examination time.


Electronic Devices

  • All electronic devices must be turned off and stored in your bag during the exam, unless required.


Materials for an Exam

  • You are required to bring your One Card or government issued photo ID to your exam.
  • Check with your professor for materials that are required for your exam.
  • You cannot share notes, books or calculators during the exam.
  • Make sure you bring pens, pencils and an eraser (for Scantron cards). All items must be removed from pencil cases and placed on your desk at the start of the exam.
  • No food or drinks are permitted in computer labs.
  • No food is permitted in classrooms.


Seating for an Exam

  • A professor/invigilator has the right to assign seating and move students.


Writing the Exam

  • A pencil must be used on Scantron cards.
  • Complete the information on the front of the exam booklet, including number of booklets.
  • Look through the entire exam before starting. Check to see that you have received all required components and pages of the exam.
  • Make sure to clearly number answers when using an exam booklet.
  • Use the blank sides of exam booklet pages for any rough notes. Answers on the blank sides will not be marked.
  • Do not rip out pages from exam booklets. Cross out the work if it is not to be marked.
  • Save your work often when completing an exam on a computer. If your computer appears not to be working, notify your professor/invigilator immediately.
  • Do not talk to other students.
  • Review the Academic Honesty Policy prior to the exam.


Leaving the Examination Room

  • Students will be allowed to leave the exam room only for emergencies.
  • When a student leaves, he or she must submit to the invigilator the examination, exam booklets, Scantron sheets and all other reference material used during the exam.
  • Students will be allowed to leave the examination room after the first 40 minutes, but not within the last 15 minutes of the exam.


Submitting an Exam

  • Check that all questions are answered and that the cover page of all exam booklets are completed.
  • Submit the exam to the professor/invigilator. Do not leave it on a table.
  • Submit the examination, exam booklets, Scantron sheets and all other reference material used during the exam to the professor/invigilator.
  • Do not disturb anyone else when leaving the exam room or lab. You are not allowed to leave the exam room within the last 15 minutes.
  • Do not discuss the exam with other students.


Missing an Exam

  • Students who have a documented reason for not writing an exam must submit a written request no later than 3 business days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays) to their Student Advisor for a deferred exam. Valid reasons could include but are not limited to a death in the family, illness or other situation beyond the student's control. Supporting documentation will be reviewed and the decision will be communicated to the student.
  • Students who do not write the final exam and who do not have a valid reason for missing the exam will receive a mark of zero for the exam. Their final grade will be calculated in accordance with the grading policy in the Course Outline.


Final Exam Results

  • To review your exam and your results, contact your professor/Program Coordinator during academic advisement days.
  • Final course grades will be available on my.seneca, Student Centre prior to the start of the next semester; check the Office of the Registrar, Important Academic Dates for the current date.


Academic Honesty

  • All students at Seneca College are expected to conduct themselves in an honest and trustworthy manner.
  • Violations of the Academic Honesty Policy will be dealt with in accordance of Section 9 of the Seneca College Academic Policy.


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This document most recently updated on December 6, 2016