CTY - Professional Options

The following list is a snapshot of professional option choices available in the last three semesters. New and revised courses will be offered each semester based on the demands of the rapidly changing computer industry.

Important Information

  • CTY students must complete eight (8) professional options in order to graduate.
  • Not all options will be offered every semester, and offerings will be dependent on sufficient enrolment.
Course Code Course Name
DCN686 Configuring Cisco Devices
DCN704 Voice Over IP
DCN706 Wireless and Mobile
INT525 Advanced Implementation Using Apache
IPC144 Introduction to Programming Using C
OPS400 AS/400 Operations
OPS535 Open System Clustering - Advanced Network Admin.
OPS635 Enterprise Management - Emerging Technology
PHP701 PHP Scripting
PMC115 IT Project Mgmt. Fundamentals, Tools & Techniques
SEC625 Information System Security
SBR600 Software Build and Release
SEC701 Ethical Hacking
SEC703 Advanced Security
SPO600 Software Portability and Optimization
TEC701 Technical Support for Network Administrators
TEC702 Technician as an Entrepreneur
WIN500 Windows Server Scripting
WIN700 Windows Active Directory Services