Transfer Credit & PLA

Students can apply for credit(s) towards Seneca courses based on completed courses or knowledge that they have gained from outside of Seneca.

Transfer Credits:

Students that have completed similar course work at another recognized institution (college or university) may be eligible to apply the credit towards an equivalentcourse in their program.   This is available to current full time, part time and former students that require a credit in order to meet graduation requirements.

If your Transfer Credit request is successful you will not be required to take the Seneca College course and will receive a grade of “TC”.

For full details and the application form go to the Seneca College Transfer Credit site:

Prior Learning Assessments:

Students that have experiential learning acquired from employment, independent study or life experience may apply for a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).   To qualify, the learning must be equivalent to the learning outcomes of a specific Seneca Course.  The method of assessment will vary depending on the subject matter.   College credit will be awarded when the documented/demonstrated learning is deemed equivalent to the Seneca course.

To determine if you are eligible for a PLA and to find out possible methods for assessment contact your Program Coordinator. For each course that you are requesting PLA for, an application will need to be completed.