Microsoft Software for School of ITAS Students

School of ICT students can get ICT-related Microsoft software for installation on their own devices. How? Read on...


What is Microsoft Imagine?

Microsoft Imagine is a program that supports technical education by providing access to Microsoft software for learning, teaching and research purposes.

Please note that Microsoft Imagine is the new name for the program formerly know as DreamSpark.

As a Seneca student, in the School of ICT, you have access to the Microsoft software you need for our diploma- and degree-level academic programs.

Microsoft Imagine replaces the “Software Downloads” and “MSDNAA License” schemes that were used in the past.

ICT students should not use the ITS "Software" page


Sign In to the Microsoft Imagine WebStore

Follow this link to our School-specific sign in page.

Before continuing, ensure that the WebStore name is “Seneca College – Newnham – Microsoft Imagine”.

Our DreamSpark WebStore


If you have credentials, sign in.

If not, you should have received an invitation to "complete your registration" from Imagine (on the Internet domain Reply to that email, and you will be able to create credentials.

If you have not received an invitation, then send an email to, and request access to the Microsoft Imagine Premium WebStore. Identify yourself as a School of ICT student. The IT Services technician (probably Ravi) will verify your eligibility, and generate the invitation email.


ICT students in IFS, CTY, and CNS

School of ICT students in the IFS, CTY, and CNS programs can use the "Microsoft Imagine Standard" WebStore to choose software. 



ICT students in BSD, CPA, and CPD

School of ITAS students can use the "Microsoft Imagine Premium" WebStore to choose software.

This WebStore has more software than the "Standard" WebStore, for computer programmers.