OPS105 Course Index

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Curriculum Plan

14 week semester

Wk Period 1 Period 2
01 Course Overview. Demo: doing online Labs Unix directory tree. File management
02 Install and Configure Debian Stable Post-Install Config. Unix abs/rel path.
03 Permissions (User,Group,Other). Scripting. Minimal System Administration
04 Networking - I (transient static IP) Networking - I (permanent static IP)
05 Networking - II (transient CIDR/30 network) Networking - II (transient CIDR/30 network)
06 Networking - III (permanent CIDR/30) Networking - III (permanent CIDR/30)
07 Review. Introduction to Project Practice Midterm Test
08 PRACTICAL MIDTERM TEST Permissions, umask, and setuid (in-depth)
09 User and Group Management (in-depth) Benefits of sudo. Configuring sudoers
10 Shell Scripting (user input; if-else) Shell Scripting (for loops)
11 Shell Scripting (sub-shells) Exam and course review
12 Additional time to work on Project Project due (practical submission)
13 Review. Late Project. Lab Completion. Review. Very Late Project. Lab Completion.
14 FINAL EXAM Lab Completion


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