Install Debian Stable in VirtualBox VM


The objective of this lab is to install Debian Stable in a VirtualBox VM.

What to do

1: Install VirtualBox for your operating system.

2: Download Debian ISO

3: Prepare your VirtualBox VM prior to installation

VirtualBox VM storage preferences
New Virtual Machine
VM Memory (suggested 4096 MB, minimum 2048 MB)
Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Create seteup
HDD file type
HDD Dynamic Allocated Storage
HDD Size (suggested 48GB, minimum 32GB)
VM Settings - I (no floppy)
VM Settings - II (suggested 4 cores, minimum 2)

7: Software selection

8: GRUB installation

9: Finish installation

Practice Questions

  1. What were the main steps in doing the installation after the VirtualBox VM was created?

  2. What is the difference between privileged and unprivileged user? What were the usernames of each (privileged and unprivileged user) during your Debian installation?

  3. Describe the purpose of each of the three partitions created, meaning what purpose does the / directory serve? Similarly what purpose does /home and swap serve?

  4. What does GRUB mean? Why is it necessary? What are alternatives to GRUB? What scenario would GRUB not be required?

  5. What command would give you surety that you installed Debian Stable? What is the output that you are looking for when you run that command?

  6. What are the other releases of Debian? What purpose does each of them serve?

  7. Give some advantages and disadvantages to using Debian. What other Linux distros (or Unix flavours) would you recommend? What are the downsides of your recommendation?

  8. What machine architecture did you install Debian on? What other hardware architectures does Debian support?

  9. A friend of yours has got stuck setting up her VirtualBox VM? Explain the different parts of the VirtualBox VM that you need to configure when installing Debian. Which configurations are absolutely necessary otherwise Debian won't install?

  10. What happens when you attempt to shutdown using your MySeneca user account? What error did you get? Why? How would you resolve the issue?
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