OPS105 Addenda

Tentative Weekly Schedule: Fall 2021

Week Topic Reading Assessment Weight
1 Intro to CLI Access to matrix Begin Labs 10%
2 Install and configure Debian Debian Reference Quiz 1 max 4%
3 Abs/Rel pathnames; permissions matrix notes: wk 2,3 Quiz 2 max 4%
4 Static IP: transient+permanent course website wk 4 Quiz 3 max 4%
5 2 VM Transient CIDR/30 network course website wk 5 Quiz 4 max 4%
6 2 VM Permanent CIDR/30 network course website wk 6 Quiz 5 max 4%
7 Regex. Review. Project Specs Practice Midterm Quiz 6 max 4%
8 Practical Midterm matrix notes: wk8 Midterm 20%
9 UGO File/Dir permissions; sudo matrix notes: wk9 Quiz 7 max 4%
10 Bash shell: init and scripting matrix notes: wk10 Quiz 8 max 4%
11 Project matrix notes: wk11 Project 20%
12 Bash sub-shells for automation matrix notes: wk12 Late Project  
13 Review matrix notes: wk13 Final Exam 30%
14 Labs + Late Project   Labs Due 10%

Assessment Summary

  • 20% Project
  • 20% Midterm
  • 30% Lab Assignments - Labs: 10% + Quizzes: 20%
  • 30% Final Exam

Course Policies

Promotion Policy

Project Policy

  • The OPS105 term project has two stages: a research stage and a demonstration stage:
    Research stage
    A CIDR/30 network configuration is given so all steps necessary to complete the given configuration are well understood (researched and done independently).
    Project demonstration
    students are given two minimal Debian virtual machines plus additional project specifications that are in line with the research stage specifications.
  • The OPS105 project grade is based on successful completion of research and demonstration stage configurations done efficiently and to specifications.
  • Incomplete, non-working, or very late project submissions get no academic credit.

Policy for Quizzes

  • Usually, every week has a quiz based on some Linux system administration activity.
  • Quizzes missed get no academic credit.

General Policies

  • Timings posted are local to Toronto (EST/EDT) time.
  • Details of all course evaluation items are posted to Blackboard Announcements and sent to MySeneca student email.
  • All evaluations including the Final Exam is asynchronous. This means all test items have, at minimum, a 24-hour time window from the time it is available to the time it is due.
  • Some items may have late penalties but others may not, for example: a late quiz may be eligible for a grade C but the final exam MUST be completed and submitted before its deadline.
  • Number of quizzes done in a particular semester may vary from the number posted in the addenda but the overall quiz weight (20%) stays the same.
  • Weeks posted for Midterm, Project, and Final Exam are fixed.
  • There is no make-up after the submit process for that item has been removed.
  • Term work (labs, quizzes, midterm, and project) are done individually.

Academic Policies: