OPS105 Practice Test

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  • Feb 24: Initial release

Download VMs


  • Bring all packages on both VMs up-to-date. Install (at minimum): curl, openconnect, vim, and wget. You may install additional packages but the practical test would require a minimal installation on both VMs.

  • Setup a CIDR/30 network using both VMs (use the VM with hostname GWp for gateway and the VM with hostname NDp for node). Configure the network so node depends on the gateway for all traffic to and from the Internet.

  • Use network address to configure the network such that the gateway VM acts as a router for the node VM. Your network setup should handle these configurations:
    • a transient network - meaning existing network setup, if any, does not exist after rebooting any or both VMs.
    • a reboot persistent network - meaning existing network setup, if any, exists even after rebooting any or both VMs.

  • Create an ordinary (unpriviledged) user whose:
    • username matches your Seneca's MySeneca username.
    • Make your MySeneca-named user separately on both VMs.
    • login as your MySeneca-named user on both VMs.
    • Ensure:
      • your MySeneca-named user can ssh into matrix.senecacollege.ca only when the GlobalConnect VPN is running on Windows/macOS host
      • your MySeneca-named user can ssh into matrix from both gateway and the node. ssh into matrix from node should only be possible when the GW is up and running.

Practice Test completion checklist

  • Login at least once as your MySeneca user on both VMs.
  • Check Node has no Internet when the gateway is switched off.
  • Ensure you can login to matrix from node and gateway.
  • For Internet connectivity checking, ensure you can always ssh into matrix.

Suggested (additional) practice

  • Play around with different CIDR/30 network configurations using network addresses that are multiples of 4, for example: internal address 192.168 sub-nets like: 99.4/30, 99.32/30, 99.56/30 and 99.68/30.
  • Play around with a mix of transient and permanent settings between node and gateway, for example: setup Node to be permanent but gateway to be transient or the other way.

Additional Help

  • Use the Teams to ask and answer questions.
  • While participation in the channel isn't necessary, it indicates an interest in completing and helping others complete this practice test.
  • This means it is perfectly reasonable to ask and answer any doubts and troubleshooting questions related to the topics above. All up-to-minute updates and Q and A are being discussed in the Practice Test Channel on Teams.
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